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The Regions' Information Sheet

The Oriental Region covers a geographical area of approximately 90,130 km2 and has a population of 2,314,346 Inhabitants, according to the 2014 General Census of Population and Housing, or 6.8% of the total population of the Kingdom. Read more

The Presidents' Word

Abdennabi BIIOUI

On the Behalf of the Elected Members of the Council, it is with great pleasure that I introduce you to our institution and offer my vision for a strong and unified territorial collectivity of the Oriental. 

As you know, the Oriental Region is still faced with multiple crises, stubborn unemployment, and a looming demographic crunch. These challenges have made us stronger rather than weaker, by working together to find innovative and sustainable solutions. 

Therefore, we have tried to reinvent the entrepreneurial spirit, especially among women and youth, by promoting the Social and Solidarity Economy and urging cooperatives to fight against poverty and destitution.

With a firm will, the Regional Council of the Oriental strives earnestly to continue the establishment of an institutional path, capable of elaborating and implementing tight programs, in a full appeal of the High-quality Royal Directives, speeches, and messages of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, May God Assists Him, which serve as a referential document for development renaissance. 

In this context, and through this digital window open to the world, the Regional Council of the Oriental is betting on creating a solid communication bridge that showcases the Regions’ qualifications, programs, and projects completed and underlined by the Council. 

Indeed, opening up to the Moroccans of the World and to various institutional partners is a prime objective of the Council in an intention to increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of the Region. This could be done by attracting more investments, freeing energies, and activating creative initiatives in multiple sectors in the Region. Also,  the strengthening of partnership relationships and decentralized international cooperation is hugely stressed.

Therefore, this website could be viewed as a digital platform that allows visitors to access a set of data, programs, studies, indicators, and the latest findings in terms of political and technical management of the Region. Thus, a means of professional and positive interaction with various expectations, aspirations, and preoccupations.

As a President of the Regional Council of the Oriental, I hope this persistent and significant effort will continue to bear fruit, in order to meet better development goals and achieve better outcomes. 

The Regional Council of the Oriental has embarked on a collective and meaningful adventure, the one that will restore the same hope and energy that once inspired the older generations and all those who shared the same ideals: a peaceful, prosperous and united Region.

The Oriental Regional Council

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The Oriental Region

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