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The Advisory Bodies

The Regional Council of the Oriental expresses its overwhelming desire to create a positive accumulation and to present a fundamental exemplary experience that contributes precisely at achieving the interdependence between the components of representative and participative democracy on the one hand, and to maintain the bet on the importance of consolidating, valuing and enhancing the mechanisms of advisory bodies, allowing them to participate effectively in the development of the Region, on the other hand. 

  • In accordance with the provisions of the Moroccan constitution, in particular Articles 12-14 and 139,
  • In accordance with Articles 116-117 of the Organic Law 111.14 relating to the Regions,
  • In implementation of Articles 68 to 93 of the Regional Council’s Internal Rules of Procedures,
  • On the basis of the decision taken by the Oriental Regional Council during its extraordinary session held on Tuesday 29th, 2016 regarding its approval on the creation of three advisory bodies of the Council,
  • On the basis of the public announcement that set Wednesday, December 14th , 2016 at 16:00 as the last deadline for filing applications for membership in the Advisory Bodies,
  • On the basis of the results of the deliberations held during a meeting by the presidents of the groups of the Council regarding the applications for nomination for the composition of the advisory bodies
  • Based on the decision taken by the office during the meeting held on the 6th of January, 2017, to decide upon the composition of the Advisory Bodies of the Council.

The Oriental Regional Council has created three advisory bodies as participatory mechanisms for dialogue and consulting:

  • Equity, Equal Opportunities and Gender-based Approach: It is an advisory body that promotes gender-equality in clearly defined way. It works closely with civil society actors that handles regional affairs related to the implementation of the principles of the Equity and Equal opportunities.
  • Youth interests concerns body: It examines issues related to youth concerns and interests in the Region.
  • The Economic Development and Solidarity: An advisory body in partnership with the economic actors of the Region, responsible for examining regional economic affairs.
Mr. Rachid Hilali

Youth interests concerns body

Mrs. Irzi Zoulikha

Equity, Equal Opportunities and Gender-based Approach Body

Mr. Idriss Boujouala

Economic Development and Solidarity Body

The Oriental Region

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