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Organizational Chart

The administration of the Regional Council of the Oriental consists of: 

  • The Cabinet,
  • The Communication and Public Relations Department,
  • The Registry office,
  • The Directorate of Presidency  and the Council Affairs,
  • The General Directorate of Services.

Presidency and Councils' Affairs 

The Presidency and Councils' Affairs is assigned to a Director who performs his duties and missions in accordance with the provisions of article 126 of the Organic Law No. 111.14. 

The Director of the Presidency and Council Affairs is entrusted the task of monitoring and overseeing the administrative aspects related to the elected representatives, the performance of the Council and its committees, under the control and responsibility of the President of the Region; 
The Presidency and Council Affairs includes four mission officers as well as two other sub-departments including: 

  • Council Affairs,
  • Administrative Affairs of Elected Members.

The General Directorate of Services

The director of the General Directorate of Services assists the President of the Council in exercising his duties and accountabilities. Under the supervision and control of the latter, he oversees the general management of the administration, coordinates administrative work and ensures its proper functioning.  He reports to the President of the Council whenever requested to do so according to the requirements of the Article 125 of the Organic Law 111.14. 

In addition to the Internal Audit and Evaluation Department, The General Directorate of Services has two sub-departments:

  • Administrative and Legal Affairs,
  • Planning and Regional Development,

Administrative and Legal Affairs Department : 

This department includes the section of Information Communication Technologies ‘ICT’, and the section of Legal Affairs. Two other divisions belong to this department: 

The Budget, Finance and Equipment Division

The Budget, Finance and Equipment Division is in charge of the management of the budget and financial resources, real-estate properties, accounting, markets, land, equipment and furniture of the Regional Council.

This division includes:

  • Order and Market Department,
  • The Budget and Accounting Department,
  • The Financial Resources Department,
  • The Department of Materials and Furniture,
  • The Real-Estate Property, Equipment and Gear Department.
The Human Resources and Engineering of Training Division

The human Resources and Training Engineering Division is responsible of managing the administrative and financial affairs of personnel, monitoring the social affairs of the employees as well as supervising the engineering of training related to staff and elected representatives from various territorial collectivities of the Oriental Region. 

This Division includes three services:

  • The Personnel Administration and management,
  • The Engineering of Training, Monitoring and Evaluation,
  • The Social Affairs of Employees.

The Planning and Regional Development Department :

This Direction includes three divisions, each comprising a number of divisions.

The Solidarity Economy and Social Development Division

The Solidarity Economy and Social Development division involves tasks associated with the management of the social and solidarity economy, and all fields related to social development, tourism and transportation services. 

This division includes the following departments:

  • Social and solidarity Economy,
  • Rural development and tourism promotion,
  • Social development and intra-regional transport.
The Planning, Programming and Environment Division

The Planning, Programming and Environment Division is in charge of tasks related to spatial planning, monitoring of the regional development program, the environment, renewable energy and the protection of cultural heritage of the Region.

This division includes the following department:

  • Rehabilitation of Rural World,
  • The RDP (Regional Development Programme) monitoring and execution department,
  • The department of the environment, renewable energies and the safeguarding of cultural heritage.
The Economic Affairs, Partnership and Employment Promotion Division

This department is in charge of carrying out missions related to the management of Territorial marketing and economic studies. It also deals with supporting small and medium-sized enterprises, cooperation and decentralized partnership in addition to promoting the vocational training sector and employment. 

This division includes the following departments:

  • The department of Economic Studies, SME Support for SMEs, Territorial Marketing and Investment Promotion,
  • The cooperation and partnership,
  • The Vocational Training and the Promotion of Employment.

The Oriental Region

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