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Citizens and associations may submit under the conditions specified below, petitions aiming at asking the council to include a point in its agenda, all in respect to the framework of its competences. The purpose of the petition cannot in any possible way affect the constants stipulated by the first chapter of the Constitution. 

Terms and Conditions for citizens to submit petitions

Citizens wishing to submit a petition must imperatively meet the following conditions :

  • They must be residents of the Region or are engaged in an economic, commercial or professional activity there,
  •  They must be registered on the general electoral rolls,
  • They must provide evidence of a direct common interest of the presented petition,
  • The number of signatories should not be less than six hundred voters in the region.

Terms and Conditions for associations to submit petitions 

Associations wishing to present a petition must meet the following conditions :

  • The association in question must be recognized and established in Morocco in conformity with regulations in force, for more than three years, and must operate in accordance with its fundamental statute and democratic principles,
  •  Be in a regular situation with respect to existing laws and regulations in force,
  • Its headquarters or one of its annexes must be located in the territory of the region affected by the petition,
  • Its activity is related to the subject of the petition.

How to file petitions

Associations presenting a petition must meet the following conditions :

  • The petition is submitted to the President of the Regional Council of the Oriental, along with documents approving the above-mentioned terms and conditions. An immediate acknowledgement of receipt delivery will take place,
  • The petition is then referred by the President to the Councils’ office which is in charge of verifying whether it meets the above cited conditions,
  • If the petition is accepted, it will be placed on the Council's agenda for the next regular session, and it is referred to the appropriate committee for study, before it is submitted to Council for deliberation.

The Councils' President informs the legal representative of the association, as the case may be, whether the petition is accepted or not.

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