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The Regional Agency for Projects' Implementation


From the spirit of the new law on advanced regionalization, It can be deduced that the main concern of the legislator is to allocate rather extensive powers to the Regions by positioning them as Leading Actors of economic development in their respective territories.
It was in this sense that he advocated that development programs should be carried out within a contractual and cooperative framework. It has been prerequisite to strengthen its management capacity, including projects, through an efficient body that avoids the harm of political issues and overlaps between the strategic and decision-making component on the one hand and the operational and executive on the other hand.  
The prime objective behind the specification of allocations is to prevent the Region from facing administrative and technical management concerns, with regards to investment projects. This is in addition to the adoption of logic of profitability that relies heavily on attracting specialized and tailored profiles.  

The legal framework

In accordance with the provisions of the Organic Law 111.14 related to Regions, particularly the article N°128, the Regional Agency for Project Implementation (AREPO) was established upon a decision made by the Regional Council of the Oriental, considered a public legal entity with administrative and financial autonomy. 
A decision made by the President of the Council regarding the appointment of a supervisory and monitoring commission soon followed, which formed a body that represents the Regional Council as well as external services through Mr. the Wali of the Oriental Region. 

The Agency's Tasks

The aim of the establishment of the Regional Agency for Projects Implementation under the authority of the Regional Council of the Oriental, is to create an executive body with advanced experience and governance in the areas of competence of the Region whether in the field of planning, economic and social promotion, territorial marketing, strengthening management capacities, direct implementation of structured projects as well as keeping up with technical project engineering. 

The Agency’s Missions 

Following the request of the President, the missions of the agency are including but not limited to:

  • Provide the council with legal assistance, technical and financial engineering, the study of development projects and programs,
  • Implement development projects and programs that are approved by the Council.

The Agency's Budget


  • The operating and investment allocations assigned to the Agency by the Regional Council of the Oriental,
  • Income from the operation and management of projects in accordance with the provisions.


  • Operating and investment expenses,
  • Payments made to the region from operations or project management,
  • All other expenses related to the agency’s activities.

AREP Human Resources

AREP has been able to attract highly qualified and high-potential executives and officers.

AREP officials are placed in one of the following administrative positions:

  • Statutory recruitment administrators and officers,
  • Executives and officers in release position,
  • Laid-off executives and staff. 


  Organisational Chart                                                            



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