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The Regional Council's Composition
La Composition du conseil de la Région

The 2014 constitution of the Moroccan Kingdom singled out Regions with a privileged position and a special status, whether among the rest of constitutional institutions or other territorial collectivities. It has turned the Regions into a central core of territorial development and a tool for local democracy based mainly on three principles: 

  • The principle of participation,
  • The principle of subsidiarity,
  • The principle of free administration.

The Region is regarded as a territorial collectivity that is subject to public law, having legal personality as well as administrative and financial independence. 
The Regional elections of the 4th of September 2015 resulted in the election of 51 members of the Regional Council of the Oriental through direct general suffrage over a period of six years and in accordance with the organic law No. 11-59, issued by the Honorable Decree No. 73-11-11-1 (21 November 2011), as amended and completed. Article 73 of the law previously mentioned fixed the number of the members according to the population of each region.

The Regional Council is responsible for managing the regional affairs democratically and in accordance with the provisions and requirements of the Organic Law n°. 111-14 promulgated by the Royal Decree No. 83-15-1 of 20 Ramadan 1436 (7 July 2015).

The organs of the council consist of the governing board, the Council’s secretary, Its deputy, as well as the permanent committees and groups.

Governing Board

  • The executive Office of the Regional Council of the Oriental is composed of the President and 7 Vice-Presidents, 
  • The executive Office shall meet regularly, exceptionally, and whenever necessary.

The Permanent Committees


Regional Council of the Oriental




Political Groups


Regional Council of the Oriental



The Oriental Region

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