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Social and Solidarity Economy

The Social and Solidarity Economy has been regarded as one of the most structured and promising sectors in the recent decades. It has plethora of advantages including the fight against poverty and social exclusion, the increase of individual incomes, the creation of employment, the provision of integration opportunities for young leaders, the creation of collective and societal interest and finally its contribution to sustainable development. 
The social and solidarity economy is considered as a cornerstone of the economic system adopted by the Oriental Regional Council as to achieve sustainable development, stimulate productive investment, create jobs and provide a decent life to all citizens of the Region. 

The Social and Solidarity Economy Projects of the Oriental Region

The Creation of the Regional Observatory of Social and Solidarity Economy in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism, Air Transport, Handicrafts and Social Economy:

The expected objectives out of the Creation of the Regional Observatory of Social and Solidarity Economy :
  • Disseminate new initiatives , promote existing activities and support project leaders,
  • Management and monitoring of all programs and projects focusing on social economy by the Regional Council,
  • Facilitate communication and build partnerships between the Regions’ Social Economy components in addition to regional, national and international networks working within the same field,
  • Implement training, technical and managerial programs designated for the benefit of social economy actors,
  • Collecting data related to the social and solidarity economy of the Region,
  • Spread data (statistics, cartography and data) on the qualifications of social and solidarity economy institutions in the Region.  

The establishment of a logistics platform for the valuation, packaging and marketing of local products :

Recognizing the role of cooperatives in the development of the social and solidarity economy and job creation, the Regional Council decided to create a logistics platform that is dedicated to the valuation, packaging, and marketing of local products in partnership with regional institutions sharing core objectives related to the development and promotion of this field, namely :

  • The Ministry of the Interior,
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Maritime Fisheries,
  • Ministry of Industry, Trade, Investment and Digital Economy,
  • The Ministry of Tourism, Air Transport, Crafts and Social Economy,
  • The Oriental Development Agency,
  • The Oriental Regional Investment Center.
Targeted local products :

Dates, medicinal and aromatic plants, olives and olive oil, honey, almonds, truffles, traditional cereal derivatives.

Goals for the creation of the platform :
  • Improving the competitiveness and profitability of existing cooperatives and integrating new sectors with high added-value,
  • Improving members’ revenues,
  • Structuring producers in a dynamic network of product promotion and marketing,
  • Modernize the governance of cooperatives,
  • Create additional employment opportunities over a five-year period,
  • Value chain assessment for local products,
  • Improving market access, branding, marketing, distribution, administrative and financial support.

Support income-generating activities for cooperatives and associations :

Support cooperative projects :
  • Agricultural projects (collective drip irrigation, beekeeping projects, breeding projects, etc.)
  • Craft projects,
  •  Services.
  • The creation of solidarity stands to market local products in the Oujda-Angad prefecture and the rest of the Region.
  • Organizing training workshops for cooperatives
  • The exhibition of local products in solidarity shops at Oujda-Angad Airport.

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